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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hit-Ball version 1.2.0 released

Hit-Ball (just like its name clearly suggests) is a simple "hit the ball" game based on a common idea: the user needs to shoot a ball, with precision, and hit random balls spread all over the place. Of course, these balls are protected by walls and you need to find a proper path in order to successfully hit and destroy them. Each ball you destroy will earn you points. The faster you do that, the more points you will earn.

There are a few options the user can select. First, he can choose how many balls he must hit in order to win. The value can be between 10 and 400. Also, he can select a "re-spawn" timer which can be between 0.5 seconds and 5 seconds.

Also, the new version 1.20 brought us the levels 1-6 to play, and it proved the concept of building more and complex challenges, making it more fun to play.

Here are the level screenshots:

Level 1: no borders, no walls.
Level 2: borders, no walls.
Level 3: borders, crazy wall in "V"
(reflection isn't natural, but funny).
Level 4: borders, walls in "cross".
Level 5: borders, walls in "double cross".
Level 6: borders, walls in "double fork".

Also the level, points and number of balls are displayed to the bottom bar of the game.