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FamousWhy said:

Hit-Ball (just like its name clearly suggests) is a simple "hit the ball" game based on a common idea: the user needs to shoot a ball, with precision, and hit random balls spread all over the place. Of course, these balls are protected by walls and you need to find a proper path in order to successfully hit and destroy them. Each ball you destroy will earn you points. The faster you do that, the more points you will earn. 

From graphical point of view, Hit-Ball doesn't look bad at all. In fact, for a JAVA based game, it is really well designed. The ball movement is realistic, there are several different ball skins and colors and the "playing table" has a well selected color (it is not disturbing after a few minutes of game-play).

There are a few options the user can select. First, he can choose how many balls he must hit in order to win. The value can be between 10 and 400. Also, he can select a "respawn" timer which can be between 0.5 seconds and 5 seconds.

Although Hit-Ball is a great and entertaining game, it has some problems as well (or things that can be improved in the future). For example, there is no score display during game-play so you won't know your final score until the game is over. Also, there is no scoring table to work as a motivation for players to improve their previous score.

However, the biggest problem, at least from my point of view, is not in score table or score display. The user can rapidly shoot as many balls as he wants without any penalties. Basically, if you are fast enough, you can "fill" the entire playing field with balls, moving randomly and shooting anything that "dares" to appear.

There are no penalties for a ball which misses its target and is lost outside the "map". I see that as an exploit and a way of cheating.

All in one, Hit-Ball is a good JAVA game. It is completely free, with no limitation so I would recommend you to try it without hesitation.

Why is Hit-Ball famous?

Hit-Ball is famous because it is a fun and easy to play game.

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